Redensart 2021

May, 24th 2021

Moving and being moved, 

through the discovery of undreamt-of abilities. 

The art of talking, the human being and pure fascination.


"redensArt" is a project of Kunstkreis C, which has been successfully carried out on behalf of the Youth Department of the Province of Vorarlberg since 2007.

The workshop series is free of charge.


What skills do I have?

What do I radiate?

What suits me?

Who am I?

How am I seen by others?

What does my look, my posture reveal?

What do I want to change and how?

What do I want to achieve in my life?




Imagine you are sitting in the cinema and the scene is totally captivating. But suddenly it's you on the screen! In real life you play the leading role, but suddenly you experience yourself from a completely different point of view. And what if that could really be you in the movie? How would you move and what emotions would be reflected on your face and figure? Try to replay it for yourself for a moment. A model - a catwalk. How does she walk?.... Stop - you never want to be able to walk like her because it looks completely unnatural and artificial? Yes, an inappropriate walk for everyday life, but maybe interesting to master it too. Every actor, every actress learns to assert themselves and must first box their way through a series of exercises. You too can learn to jump out of yourself.


In the redensArt workshops we will play with each other. It is not learning like in school. Acting is "...a game conducted with holy seriousness" (Max Reinhardt). We will challenge each other very much.


How do I express my feelings? Through the eyes, gestures, facial expressions?


Topics of the workshops WHY AND HOW?


We want to know, to feel, to wish, to appreciate and to be responsible.


- body posture

- inner strength; developing the courage to express someones opinion

- gestures, facial expressions

- rhetoric; language competence (expression, choice of words, emphasis)

- speech technique

- elements of acting


The goal is to offer interested young people the opportunity to discover, develop and use their talents.

Young people are motivated to take part in the 2022 speech competition and at the same time prepare for it. 




Anyone between the ages of 11 and 25


We are starting online! - Contact on Facebook "Kunstkreis C" or via mail to




Chantal - We keep our fingers crossed

May, 21st 2021

Chantal is currently in the application process for the American ARC Scholarship. We are keeping our fingers crossed that her application is successful.


Chantal: "Art Circle C had a great impact on me when I was young and made me want to become an artist.

The Art Circle is a wonderful creative platform!




Second life for old clothes and furniture

April, 15th 2021


Circle of Art member David Enzenhofer has been moving into new territory. In July 2019, he first saw a video on YouTube of someone painting his own shoes. So he tried the same thing. After nearly two years of experience now with sneakers, bath slippers, boots, pumps and more, he realized he used to throw away old products unnecessarily.


"The new skills help me express myself better through my clothing. I've no longer to throw away old, discarded, 2nd-hand clothes and shoes; I can give them new life. Meanwhile, I'm able to give people in my family, my friends, and people I can reach through Instagram the chance to make their personal "custom sneaker" a reality."


Check out David's work (including shoes, jackets and furniture) at his Instagram account:


If you are interested in a unique piece (shoes, jackets, jeans, leather chairs, handbags and more) or if you are also tired of giving away your favorite pieces, feel free to write him a message on Facebook or on his Instagram account.





April, 10th 2021



In early April, Sophia Juen released her first rap single called "Dystopia".


Listen to it on YouTube at




Art meeting 03.-06. june 2016

Culture meeting wit LR. Dr. Christian Bernhard and Dr. Winfried Nußbaummüller: 06. june at 17:00, after the art and culture meeting / Circle of Art from 03. june till 06. june 2016 at Stiftung Kloster Viktorsberg (Vorarlberg).


We experience special days at Viktorsberg (Vorarlberg) with exhibitions, presentations, singing, dancing and acting.


Futre dates for art meetings (2 till 3 days):

05.-06. march 2016

10.-12. june 2016

23.-25. september 2016

12.-13. november 2016

02.-04. december 2016

Subject to change.

Circle of Art

An essential concern of - Circle of Art - is to make young people aware of their skills and qualities. Circle of Art - provides space to be on their own initiative, in which individual perceives, understands, experiences, represents, fascinates and motivates.


Circle of Art - is about inner attitude, life practice and the joint development of promising ideas and realizations together with different people.