Art meeting 03.-06. june 2016

Culture meeting wit LR. Dr. Christian Bernhard and Dr. Winfried Nußbaummüller: 06. june at 17:00, after the art and culture meeting / Circle of Art from 03. june till 06. june 2016 at Stiftung Kloster Viktorsberg (Vorarlberg).


We experience special days at Viktorsberg (Vorarlberg) with exhibitions, presentations, singing, dancing and acting.


Futre dates for art meetings (2 till 3 days):

05.-06. march 2016

10.-12. june 2016

23.-25. september 2016

12.-13. november 2016

02.-04. december 2016

Subject to change.

Circle of Art

An essential concern of - Circle of Art - is to make young people aware of their skills and qualities. Circle of Art - provides space to be on their own initiative, in which individual perceives, understands, experiences, represents, fascinates and motivates.


Circle of Art - is about inner attitude, life practice and the joint development of promising ideas and realizations together with different people.